Video Surveillance

Whether designing a surveillance system for peace of mind at home or a small business, or meeting a mandated security solution, Dynamark has the

solution and experience to exceed your needs. Today's video surveillance requires many systems to work properly together to meet your expectations.  Cameras must be properly placed, cables must be maintained, and networks must be capable of carrying the additional burden of video recording and viewing. 

Dynamark is the company that has, for over 14 years, been able to meet these demands for a wide range of clients.  We have the experience to ensure your system will function during the critical moments in time that it MUST function.  Our staff is trained on each facet of the surveillance complexities, including ensuring that video can be delivered to you anywhere you may be in the world, in seconds.  From identifying the cause of "that noise" outside to ensuring events on your property are  accurately documented, we are the company that has stood by our clients from the design room to the courtroom.